AISS Releases “Corruption Mapping in Afghanistan” Research Report


Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) releases “Corruption mapping in Afghanistan” survey outcomes focusing on assessment of people’s understanding and viewpoint from corruption in 12 provinces of Afghanistan including Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Kandahar, Bamyan, Badghis, Badakhshan, Kunar, Nangarhar, Jawzjan, Parwan and Kunduz.

It can be said that corruption is a universal challenge which exists in most of the countries arou

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AISS hosted a meeting on Afghan Peace process


The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies hosted a luncheon meeting to discuss latest developments related to Afghan peace process. The meeting brought together Ambassador of India, Amar Sinha, former Pakistani envoy to Afghanistan, Ambassador Ayaz Wazir, former Refugees Affairs Minister & Peace activist, Dr Farugh Azam, member of the Afghan delegation to peace negotiation, Ambassador Natighi and a number of civil society representative. The

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High Tea with Ambassador of Iran .H.E. Ambassador Mohammad Reza Bahrami


The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) was pleased to host Iranian Ambassador, H.E. Mohammad Reza Bahrami, in Kabul as part of the “High Tea with the Ambassador” lecture series.

Government officials, members of parliament, academia as well as civil society activists attended the event.

AISS Director, Dr. Davood Moradian in his welcoming remarks highlighted the cultural and linguistic similarities existing bet

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Iran deal: A possible game-changer for Afghanistan


Iran’s nuclear agreement has created a political and geostrategic earthquake in the Middle East and beyond, including accelerating the reform movement within Iran andempowering democratic constituencies in the Islamic world.

Liberated from external containment and internal suppression, Iran could now help itself, the region and the wider Islamic world towards greater prosperity, stability, and a pluralistic future. And Afghanistan

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AISS conducts a two-day Training for Its Upcoming Project


Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) organized a two-day training workshop for its upcoming project, “Radicalization Trends among Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

The project aims to gauge the level of radical views among the Afghan security personnel and to understand the underlying factors of green on blue attacks, killing of an Afghan solider by an Afghan soldier and other issues which are supposed to be analyzed

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