Online Roundtable Discussion on Reimagining UNAMA: From Powerbroker to Principle- Centric


The role of the UNAMA has been sensitive and contentious for more than 2 decades. Since the return of the Taliban to power on August 2,021, UNAMA’s role has arguably now become even more important than ever, serving as a bridge for Afghanistan's people to the outside world, and as a conduit from the Western world.

As part of its ongoing online discussion series, the Afgh

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In-person Roundtable discussion on Digital Mullahs: Understanding Taliban’s Online Strategy & Policy Responses


On Friday, February 10, 2023, the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) in partnership with the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit of the LSE held an in-person roundtable discussion on Taliban’s Online Strategy.

The Taliban’s victory was facilitated by many factors, including Taliban’s masterful utilisation of modern social media platforms. The Tali

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Roundtable Chasing Unicorn: Norway’s Taliban Diplomacy


Norway's recent efforts, including mediation secret talks between the former authorities of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban, and subsequently Norway's hosting of Taliban leaders in January 2022 have raised many questions regarding Norway’s foreign policy and its engagement with the Taliban. In order to answer these questions, the Institute of Strategic Studies of Afghanistan held a w

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Annual Glasgow Afghan United Supper for Robert Burns and Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Rumi


On 18 January 2023, AISS’s General Director, Dr Davood Moradian participated in Annual Glasgow Afghan United Supper for “Burns & Rumi Night” and delivered a special lecture on “Rummi/Balkhi: The Prophet of Love from Khorosan”. Dr. Moradian spoke comparatively about the cultural heritage and universal messages of peace and love of  Mawlana Jalal ad—Din Mohammad Rumi/Balkhli

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In-person Roundtable Discussion: Holding the Taliban Accountable: Utilising International Laws


As part of its ongoing roundtable discussion series, the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies UK (AISS-UK) held its second in-person roundtable discussion on "Holding the Taliban accountable: Utilising international laws" on 28th October at the "Frontline Club” media center in London with the presence of legal scholars, practitioners, international law experts, researchers, representatives of c

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