Herat Security Dialogue-VII

Herat Security Dialogue-VII

Held on: 26-27 October 2018

Concept Note

7th Herat Security Dialogue (HSD-VII)
"Crisis of Afghanistan: Causes & Solutions"
26-27 October 2018-Herat, Afghanistan

The crisis of Afghanistan has become one of the longest wars in modern time, spanning four decades, involving multiple actors, causes and drivers. However, despite its length, there remain competing and conflicting understandings of the nature of the conflict among both Afghans and external parties. Correspondingly, the efforts for conflict-resolution is as long as the conflict itself and prescriptions are as numerous as views of the conflict. On the eve of 100th anniversary of Afghanistan Independence from colonial Britain (1919-2019) and 40th anniversary of the invasion of the country by the Soviet Union (1979-2019), the Seventh Herat Security Dialogue (HSD-VII) will be devoted to discuss the crisis of Afghanistan in a broader, historical and intellectual context. By bringing diverse perspectives together, it aims to shed light on the reasons for the failure of the previous attempts in conflict resolution and will explore if the current effort would have a better chance of success, or not.
The working panels will comprise of the following topics/themes:


  • Afghan Conflict: The Nexus of Internal and External Drivers.
  • Political System: Presidential VS Semi-presidential VS Parliamentary.
  • Afghanistan’s Economy: From Rentier State to Developing Economy.
  • Afghanistan & The Grand Bargain of South Asia.
  • The Taliban: What Do They Want? 
  • Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy Status: Neutral, Connector or Divisive?
  • The Way Forward: Do we need a Second Bonn Conference/Process?

The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) cordially invites interested scholars and practitioners from Afghanistan and outside to submit their interest to attend the conference as a participant or a speaker by filling the registration form on the conference page.

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