Herat Security Dialogue-VI

Herat Security Dialogue-VI

Held on: 13-14 October, 2017

Concept Note

6th Herat Security Dialogue (HSD-VI)
The Future of Nation-States
13-14 October 2017-Herat, Afghanistan

The institution of “nation-state” has been the leading model of political organization since 18th century. While primarily a European invention, it has become a universal model, though often reluctantly and externally-imposed in the case of non-European/Western communities. However, the massive socio-economic, political, and technological changes pose new challenges to the viability and the structure of the nation-states, both from within and externally. These challenges and questions are multi-dimensional and often contradictory. On one hand, the advancement of globalization trends in politics, economy, technology and society have created supra national-states entities, actors and concepts such as Multinational Corporations, the Internet, Global Governance, Transnationalism, Hegemonic powers (global/regional) and Islamists’ notion of the Caliphate. On the other hand, anti-Globalization trends aim to shrink the space and the role of nation-states. Trends such as Devolution, Identity politics, Isolationist politics and Sub-nationalism challenge the primacy of nation-states from within.

The Sixth Herat Security Dialogue (HSD-VI) will discuss these and related issues to acquire better understanding about the future of nation-states, particularly in the case of conflict-ridden nation-states such as Afghanistan.


  • Interaction between National Sovereignty and Interdependence, Alliance, Dependence, Hegemony and Globalization;
  • Paradigm of Failed/failing States; lessons learned;
  • State-system in the age of Global War on Terrorism;
  • Democratic state: challenges and opportunities;
  • Non-Western concepts of Nation-states;
  • Concept of State in Islamic thoughts and practices; • The modern Caliphate: Grievance or Ideology?;
  • Decentralized/Devolved State VS Centralized State;
  • Constitutional design for divided/post-conflict societies;
  • The post 2001 State-building experience in Afghanistan & the way forward.

The Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) cordially invites all scholars, researchers and practitioners to submit abstract of their original presentation/paper related to them of the conference to the conference cell by 15 September, 2017. Successful authors will be invited to present their paper at the conference.

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