AISS organizes “National Dialogue on Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy”

AISS organizes “National Dialogue on Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy”

Held on: Feb 2, 2017

Concept Note

1st Round of National Dialogue (ND-I)
National Dialogue
02 February 2017-Kabul, Afghanistan

On Feb 2, 2017, the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) initiated a series of regular consultation, under the title of “National Dialogue" to bring together experts, officials, representatives from political parties, civil society and other stakeholders to discuss a number of key national issues. The first round of National Dialogue devoted to “Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy”. The one-day meeting by scores of high-ranking governmental officials, policy makers, ambassadors of foreign countries, representatives of different international organizations, media and civil society. The National Dialogue series aims to address strategic challenges facing Afghan government and encourage creative and ‘out of box’ thinking solutions. Furthermore, the National Dialogue enhances inter-dialogue between Afghan elites concerning different strategic challenges within the country. 

This one-day meeting covered four panel discussions: 1) World in Transition: Structures, Players, Norms, 2) Afghanistan’s Choice: Neutrality, Alignment or Multilateralism, 3) Afghanistan’s Position in Regional and international Affairs and 4) Opportunities and Challenges of Afghanistan Foreign Policy. The speakers highlighted significant factors that shape Afghanistan’s Foreign Policy with regard to the current transformations in regional and global levels.