Researcher Hussian Ehsani

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Hussain Ehsani is researcher in radicalization department of Afghan institute for strategic studies-AISS. He earned master’s degree in Middle-East Studies (Concentration on Security, Policy, and Culture with Focus on Iraq, Kurdistan, and Contemporary Islamic Groups) from University of Tehran. 



  • Middle East studies 
  • Contemporary islamic groups 
  • New trend of Insurgency in Islamic world
  • Nationalism, Ethnicity and Identity in Middle East 
  • Security studies 


Mr. Ehsani also teaches ‘Security studies’, ‘Insurgencies’ and ‘Middle-East Politics’ in University of Kateb in Kabul. He has translated two books about ISIS from Arabic into farsi language and conducted primary and comprehensive research about Islamic State of Khorasan Province in AISS. Hussain Ehsani can speaks English, Arabic and Kurdish languages.