Research Fellow Dr. Parviz Arezu

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Dr. Parviz Arezu is a Research Fellow at the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS).He holds PHD in International Economic Relations from Financial University under the government of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia. 



  • Expert on Russia, Caucasus, and Central Asia
  • Regional Economic Integration 
  • Translating from Germany and Russia


  • Editor in chief at “Imrooz” Magazine
  • Head of Cultural Center of Afghanistan Embassy at Afghanistan Embassy in Moscow, Russia
  • First secretary of Afghanistan Embassy at Afghanistan Embassy in Moscow, Russia
  • Economic and Social Consultant at PFA-Hamburg, Germany
  • Lecturer at KSU and Jami University, Herat, Afghanistan

1.    "Global and Regional Dimensions of Afghanistan's Economics Modernization", his thesis in P hD.
2.    Political Memories General Abdul Qadir( Who Commanded the 1978 April Military Coup In Afghanistan) In Conversation with Dr. Parviz Arezu 
3.    The Plunderers Leave the Game (Translated from Russian language- description of political war in Afghanistan during world war II)
4.    “Life is a Circle”, written in Tale
5.    “Aseman-Darya” (Poetry Collection, 1996) 
6.    Awar Aiinaha (Poetry Collection, 1996) 
7.    Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, Writer: Rady Feesh- Edited by Effort of Parviz Arezu
8. Different articles on Politics and Economics.

Books ready to be published:

1.    Theoretical Foundations of Economic-Modernization of Afghanistan
2.    Diwan (Poetry) “Baby Deer”
3.    Global and Regional Dimensions of Afghanistan’s Economics’ Modernization