Launch of AISS 1398 (2019-20) Calendar

Posted on: 15-04-2019

Today, 15th of April 2019, Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) Regional office launched its 1398 (2019-20) calendar, special for animals and biodiversity. 
A number of government officials, professors, Environmental experts, Animal rights activists, civil activists and media participated the event.
In the event, speakers of the program, Javid Fazli professor at Veterinary Faculty and Javad Afzali the animals right activist in Herat spoke about the Animals right in Afghanistan law and Peaceful coexistence with animals. The moderator of this program was Omar Yaser Arafat, civil activist.
In the beginning of this program, Javid Afzali addressed the issue of animal rights from a legal perspective. He noted that currently there is no legal framework for animal protection in Afghanistan, and this is due to the lack of awareness and scientific and professional research in this regard.
Mr. Fazli also added some points about animals’ rights in Islamic law.
At the end, the participants engaged in a Q&A session with the panel.