AISS researches are featured in Afghanistan Analyst Bibliography

Posted on: 06-04-2019

Afghanistan Analyst Network (AAN) has recently published the bibliography of Afghanistan, which is intended to serve as an up-to-date resource for studying and researching contemporary Afghanistan, particularly the post-1979 period. In this bibliography, a number of the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies publications have been suggested too, including: 1- The Heart of Asia Process at a Juncture: An Analysis of Impediments to Further Progress 2- Social Media and Articulation of Radical Narratives in Afghanistan 3- Trends in Student Radicalization across University Campuses in Afghanistan 4- Trends in Radicalization across Unregistered Madrassas in Afghanistan 5- Corruption Mapping in Afghanistan 6-The Perception of Afghanistan’s Elite Regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran 7- Strategic Analysis of the Chabahar Port: Afghanistan - Iran – India Relations 8- Afghanistan’s Constitution and Society in Transition: Assessment of public opinion and proposals for a constitutional amendment 9- Electoral Reform and the Experience of Parliamentary Elections in Afghanistan 10- The Challenging Path towards Democracy in Afghanistan: An Assessment and Critique of National Debates on Alternative Political Systems in Afghanistan 11- Four Decades of Efforts for Peace and Reconciliation in Afghanistan 12- Afghan People’s Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Peace Talks Between The Government and The Taliban 13- The Fallacy of Peace Process in Afghanistan: The People’s Perspectives 14- Modalities of Conflict Resolution in Afghanistan: A Negotiated Settlement Scenario. You can find AISS listed research papers and other publications through below link: