Launching ceremony of “Political Settlement of the Afghanistan Conflict; Divergent Models”

Posted on: 01-04-2019

On Monday April 1, 2019, the Afghan Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS) regional office in Herat, launched its recent research paper titled with “Political Settlement of the Afghanistan Conflict; Divergent Models”. A number of academicians, civil activists, political activists, clergies, University students and media activists participated the event.

This paper analyzes and evaluates various plans and forms of political settlement of Afghanistan political conflict.
Dr. Shemshad Pesrly, lecturer at Herat University, and Gholam Farooq Raseb, president of PTRO were the speakers of this event. The event was moderated by Asmatullah Ja'fari, peace activist. 

Shemshad Pesarly was the first speaker of this event. At first, he introduced this paper shortly and then pointed to the various subjects which is mentioned in the research.

He added that according to the data collected in this study, Islamic Emirate, a Taliban model of governance, cannot be combined with democracy, in which the election is a principle.

The second speaker of the program, Ghulam Farooq Rass, also briefly reviewed this study, comparing the four proposed models and considering the election as an 18-year achievement of the government, as well as, the best option for political settlement.

He also said that it would be better for all the parties to create a national consensus to achieve peace.
The program ended with a discussion with audience and the engagement of panelists with the audience.